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Foshan University

With a history more than 60 years, ranked Top 1,000 by ARWU academic ranking and the top 1% engineering discipline by ESI in 2021, Foshan University (FOSU) – a high level institution of science and engineering in Guangdong province, is striving to feature her distinctive key disciplines. FOSU is entitled by MOE to offer Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree programme and heading for the accreditation of Doctor’s. With 362 acres covering 3 campuses, namely Xianxi, Jiangwan and Hebin, her building infrastructure is of more than 650,000 square metres.

Adhering to the strategy of Talent First, FOSU has been proud of her quality human resources. She is composed of 1,864 teaching staff, among which 617 are senior-titled and 741 with Doctoral educational background. In addition, 6 part-time academicians, home and abroad, 14 full-time national level talents and 17 provincial as well as ministerial are sparing no efforts to strengthen her fame and development. Consequently, she has obtained a handful of such achievements as National Hydrogen Energy Technology Standard Innovation Base, Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Intelligent Micro-nano Optoelectronic Technology Joint Laboratory, International Membrane Biology & Environment Research Centre, etc..

Currently, FOSU offers 53 programmes covering 10 disciplines for 8,894 full-time undergraduates, among which 68% are of science and technology majors. In addition, she provides 1,719 postgraduates with Master’s degree programme and 39 jointly recruited candidates with Doctor’s. Her students have gained 3,408 awards since 2018, ranging from technology to culture fields, provincial as well national.

Attributing great importance to global education development, FOSU has been enhancing such cross-national joint programme as Sino-German projects of Environment Engineering and Product Design for undergraduates. Cooperating with nearly 10 institutions along OBOR, Belarusian State University, for instance, she is cultivating plenty of Masters and Doctors.

Statistics as of Mar. 2022

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